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Accolades from the Media

BEST PR APPROACH: Sophie Kho – Editor, Home & Decor

As reported in Marketing magazine – August 2005) “What is the best PR approach you’ve experienced?”

“The most inventive and pleasurable one has to be Mileage Communications’ launch of the Omazz luxury bedding boutique. The agency organised a ‘road test’ of the Omazz mattress by giving journalists a two-night stay at The Ritz! Extremely effective and memorable.”

BEST CREATIVE IDEA: Allein Moore – Editor, AdAsia

(To commemorate the Jet Airways first flight to Chennai, the PR message and South Indian savouries were delivered in a Tiffin carrier to the media.)

“Congratulations on a fresh introduction. A welcome and creative idea. And I love Indian food. How much are the flights to Chennai? You've got me interested!”

EXCELLENT MEDIA WORK: Eric J. Brooks – Editor, Feed Business Asia

“Dear Patsy

On behalf of FBA and the entire eFeedlink group, please accept my appreciation for arranging this excellent set of interview replies by Rabobank.

I am always honoured to have their input and deeply grateful for the fine work that yourself, Steven and everyone else at Mileage does."


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